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Monday, 26 March 2012

Muslim League: 1906

Objectives Of The Muslim League:

The objectives of the Muslim League were as under:
i) To promote among the Muslims of India the feelings of loyalty to the British government and to remove misconception.
ii) To promote and advance the political rights and interests of the Muslims of India and to respectfully represent the needs and requirements to the government.

iii) To prevent the rise among the Muslims of India any feeling of hostility towards other communities without prejudice to the other aforementioned objectives of the Muslim League.

Services Of The Muslim League From 1906-1913:

After its inception in 1906, the Muslim League became more and more representative and influential with each passing year. Nawab Viqar-ul-Malik and Mian Mohammad Shafi gave this political party purpose and direction in its early years of its inception. Then Jinnah in 10913 injected a new vigour to this Muslim political organization.
During the period from 1906 to 1913 Muslim League got itself established as a Muslim political organization. Muslims joined the League and forged unity among their ranks. The annulment of the partition of Bengal provided another opportunity to the Muslims to join the Muslim League.
The annulment of the partition of Bengal surprised the Muslims and they lost their faith in the British government. Consequently Muslim League in its annual session held in Lucknow in 913 adopted a new strategy to achieve the system of self-government through constitutional means and cooperation with other communities.


Many Hindu historians and several British writers have alleged that the Muslim League was founded at official instigation. They argue that it was Lord Minto who inspired the establishment of a Muslim organization so as to divide the Congress and to minimize the strength of the Indian Freedom Movement. But these statements are not supported by evidence. Contrary to this, the widely accepted view is that the Muslim League was basically established to protect and advance the Muslim interests and to combat the growing influence of the Indian National Congress.

Introduction:As a result of the Aligarh Movement the Muslims of the Sub-Continent acquired political awakening and started thinking in terms of a nation. As a separate nation they developed their own distinct aspirations. However, Indian National Congress failed to come up to the expectations of the Muslims because it protected Hindu interest at the cost of all considerations. Thus, the Muslims felt the need of the political party which could safeguard their interests.

Factors Leading The Formation Of Muslim League:Following were the main factors which led to the formations of Muslim League:
i) The anti-Muslim attitude shown by the Hindus during the Hindi-Urdu controversy convinced the Muslims that they could not develop just working relationship with the Hindus.
ii) The Indian National Congress failed to protect the rights of the Muslim community. The pro-Hindu attitude of the Congress totally disillusioned the Muslims.
iii) Frequent Hindu-Muslim riots developed a sense of Muslim nationalism among the Muslims.
iv) The Hindus reacted violently towards the Partition of Bengal. The anti-Muslim attitude convinced the Muslims that the Hindus were not interested in their welfare.
v) The success of the Simla Deputation in October, 1906, encouraged the Muslim leaders that they could forge unity among their ranks and protect their political and constitutional rights.
vi) Mr. Morley the new Liberal Prime Minister of England promised to introduce constitutional reforms in India. As a result, Muslim leaders decided to establish a party which might protect their rights.

Formation Of Muslim League:

After the successful meeting of Simla deputation, the annual meeting of the Muhammadan Educational conference was held at Decca on 30th December, 1906. After the session, the Muslim leaders approved a resolution of Salim Ullah which proposed the formation of a political organization for the Muslims named as All-India Muslim League. Mohammad Ali Johar, Hakim Ajmal Khan, Maulana Zafar Ali supported the resolution.
The resolution declared that:

"Resolved that the meeting composed of the Muslim leaders
from all parts of the country form an organization styled as
All-India Organization/Muslim League for the furtherance
of the following objectives".

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